Still Life


Still life photography is one of my greatest passions in life. It has opened up many avenues in recent years that have greatly changed the path I walk on.

For this particular assignment I quickly knew what kind of image I wanted to create. My love for firearms always seems to find a way of creeping into my photography, so I decided to run with it. The reflection image is something new to me, but it is by far my favorite image that I created during this assignment. Although it is simple, I feel that it was the most powerful one.

I wanted to try creating this in different environments in order to see what gave the best pop to the image. The granite countertops added texture that I really enjoy, but also made the image a little louder than I personally prefer.

Ultimately, this assignment was a great way to end the semester and has made me look forward to really diving into studio photography on a larger scale.

Photo Communications Environmental Photography




This assignment was a lot of fun for me! Although I tried about four different locations including the class trip, I think I always knew I wanted to create images in 3 Mile. This location is one that I hold very special as it was the last place that I trapped with my father before he passed away. I always have to take a moment to appreciate the vast differences in landscape that this particular location has to offer!

Both my wife and my mother went with me on this adventure. The truck we drove in used to belong to my father and it was the first time that my mother had ridden in it since his passing in 2010, so it was a bit of an emotional trip to say the least!

The constantly changing cloud coverage was a bit difficult to deal with when we first arrived. I would say that the final product was after being on location for about two and half hours before all the clouds had left and created the perfect opportunity! The final panorama is comprised of 16 different images.

Photo Communications People Assignment


For this assignment I was able to convince my beautiful wife to sit under the studio lighting for a couple of hours. She was a trooper and stuck with it till the end. This was my first time attempting portrait photography. To be completely honest, I love how the created imageĀ  turned out, along with getting to attempt a new style with my best friend!

The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

I found my love for photography in a rather unconventional way. In October of 2017 I began managing all social media for The Gun Shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We soon began working with a social media influencer who goes by the name of TheManSpot. His photographer took me under his wing and gave me pointers on how to create captivating images of firearms. I quickly fell in love and invested into buying my first DSLR.

Since that moment I have spent nearly every day working on improving my technique in order to boost the social media accounts I was in charge of. I bounce between what cameras I use depending on where I am located. I typically keep my Canon T6i with me when I travel, but primarily rely onĀ  Canon 6D when I am at work.

My ultimate goal with pursuing photography is to be able to provide for my family by doing product photography in the firearm industry. I am currently in charge of building an online retail location for The Gun Shop where I have been doing all of the studio photography for the in house products we will be selling.