Photo Communications People Assignment


For this assignment I was able to convince my beautiful wife to sit under the studio lighting for a couple of hours. She was a trooper and stuck with it till the end. This was my first time attempting portrait photography. To be completely honest, I love how the created imageĀ  turned out, along with getting to attempt a new style with my best friend!

The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

I found my love for photography in a rather unconventional way. In October of 2017 I began managing all social media for The Gun Shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We soon began working with a social media influencer who goes by the name of TheManSpot. His photographer took me under his wing and gave me pointers on how to create captivating images of firearms. I quickly fell in love and invested into buying my first DSLR.

Since that moment I have spent nearly every day working on improving my technique in order to boost the social media accounts I was in charge of. I bounce between what cameras I use depending on where I am located. I typically keep my Canon T6i with me when I travel, but primarily rely onĀ  Canon 6D when I am at work.

My ultimate goal with pursuing photography is to be able to provide for my family by doing product photography in the firearm industry. I am currently in charge of building an online retail location for The Gun Shop where I have been doing all of the studio photography for the in house products we will be selling.