Self Portrait


Portraits in general are not exactly my cup of tea. When the notion of a self portrait is mixed into the equation, I am a hot mess to say the least. Ultimately I learned how to control my camera through my phone, and learned how to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera instead of behind it. I most certainly feel like I struggled more on this assignment over any other photography aspect so far.

The first image is of me working on building a new dog house for my puppy. I love carpentry, and will normally spend most of my weekends finding random things to make that can be used around the house. For this image, I used a 5 in 1 to my left side, with a soft box continuous light pointing at my left side.

The second image is probably what my wife sees most nights when she comes to check if I will be calling it a night soon. I typically stay up late into the night working on the 208 Gun Shop website which leaves me feeling like a zombie to say the lease. Whenever I catch my reflection in the screen I feel like my eyes have a creepy whitish grey look to them. For lighting on this image, I found a youtube vide that played a solid white screen for 24 hours. I also turned the flashlight on my phone on with it pointed at my face to increase the shadows ultimately adding to the zombie feel.

The third image is something that I have actually wanted to attempt for a while. Before last year, I would typically drink half a bottle of whiskey nearly every night. On January 1, 2019 I took my last drink of any alcohol. The reflection of me pouring the drink out is a symbolizer for the inner victory that I had in the decision. For lighting, I used a continuous light soft box and the white side of the 5 in 1.

Both of the last two images are at The Gun Shop. I have worked there for nearly five years and spend more time at work than I would like to admit! For lighting I relied on the 5 in 1 gold side for both images.

Ultimately I learned valuable lessons in this assignment, but it is not something I would prefer to do again if I had a choice!

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